Out of the Wild 08 Pilgrim Films and TV Location Scout & Manager Discovery TV Series
The Proposal 08 Disney Films Location Scout Disney Feature Film
Samsara 08 Magidson Films Location Scout Feature
Save The Planet 07 Impossible Productions UK Location Scout & Manager Discovery TV
Snowball Earth Pioneer Productions UK Location Scout & Manager Discovery TV
Fearless Planet Impossible Productions UK Location Scout & Manager Discovery TV
The Proposal 07 Disney Films Location Scout Disney Feature
Alaska Experiment 07 Richochette Productions Location Scout Discovery TV Series
Backyard Science 07 Beyond Productions Location Scout & Manager TV Series
Vertical Rush Planetwatch Productions Location Scout & Manager Feature Film
Natural Wonders 07 Impossible Productions UK Location Scout & Manger Discovery TV
Toyota Environmental Special Idea Networks LA Location Scout & Manager Japanese TV Special
Japanese Music Video Collaboration Inc Locations & Talent Japanese TV
Survivors Series Darlow Smithson Productions Research & Stockfootage TV Series
The Guardian 05-06 Walt Disney Films Scout/Location Manager Feature Film
Treasure Hunters NBC/Magical Elves Scout/manager/Safety NBC Reality TV
BackyardScience 05 Beyond Productions Scout/Manager
Endurance 04 DiscoveryTV -3 Ball Prod Scout Reality TV show
Cannibal Instinct HistoryChannel EBMedia Scout/Manager
NWest Conquest HistoryChannel Scout Historical Recreation
Guardsman 03-04 Disney Films Scout Feature Film
Backyard Science04 Beyond Productions Scout/Manager
Ushuaia Nature TV Studio 107/G Kabaili Scout/Manager
Die Another Day MGM/EON Productions Scout/Manager Feature film
The Jason  Project Media Arts Location Scout Live TV Broadcast
AI Speilberg / Warner Bros Location Consultant Feature Film
"Dr. Dolittle 2" 2oth Century Fox Films Location Scout/Manager Feature Film
"Noel's House Party BBC Live TV Broadcast Scout and Manager Live TV Satalite Uplink
The Blue Planet Doug Allen / BBC Location Manager BBC Feature Film
"Wild Things" WT Prod./J Hessler Location Manager
"Double Jeopardy" Robert Carmichael /CBS Stunt Double & Rigger
"The Naked Edge" Carmichael/Denali Productions Rigger
"Rock & Road-"Titan" Ridgeway/American Adventure Rigger/Production Coord.
"Rock & Road-"Shield" Rick Ridgeway /ESPN Rigger/Production Coord.
"Riushi Konga-Roof of the World" Peter Pilaufean/Quacker Films Talent & Rigger
"Alaska" E.J.Foerster /Castle Rock Mountain&Water safety Feature film
"Snowlions on Denali" Ken Baily/National Geographic Safety & ProductionCoor. Docu-Climbing Film
"F.I.T" Linda Prideaux/Nike Video Rigger Commercial
"Wild Alaska" Art Wolff / National Geo Water Safety Still Shoot
"Window to Heaven" N.Noble/TurnerOriginal Prod. Location Mgr TV Docu Film
"Tommy Moe�s Alaska" M. Brown/American Adventure Manager,Scout,Safety
Denali Cache Retrieval Jody Gottleib/Turner Original Production Location Manager TV Doc Film
"Glacier Meltdown" L. Granger/Wildside Prods. Talent/production photographer Xtreme Kayak Video
The Blue Planet Doug Allen / BBC Location Manager BBC Feature
Wild Things Jack Walworth / WT Productions Location Manager & Talent TV Show
Xtreme Ski Xtreme Productions/ Stephano Glacier Safety & EMT Xtreme Skiing Film


Vasoline 08 Bluesky Productions Stock Photography Stills
Saks 08 PM Productions Location Scout catolog
JCrew 08 JCrew -Rehak Location Scout Still Ad
Quaker Trail Mix 07 Wild Plum Productions-Ted Robbins Location Scout & Manger
Toyota Vic Huber Productions Location Scout, Manger & Safety Still Shoot
New York Times Jesse Chechak Location Scout & Manager Editorial
Acura 07 Locke Motion Productions Location Manger, Scout & Safety Still Shoot
Nieman Marcus 06 Liz Von Hoene Location Scout & Manager Catolog
REI 06 REI/ Steve Mason Location Scout & Manger Catolog
Tommy Hilfiger 06 Industry Productions Location Scout Catolog
Neiman Marcus 05 Diego Uchitel Scout/Manager/Safety
American Eagle Outfitters 5 Branch Prod/Elaine Contantine Scout/Safety Catalog Shoot
Recreation Equipment CO. REI/Steve Mason Scout/Manager/Safety Catalog Shoot
Celebrity Cruise Lines 05 SKS Prod/Jim Franco Scout/Manager
Mystique Magazine Infinity Studios Scout/Manager/Safety
Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines 05 SKS Productions/D. Emitte Scout/Manager
Nissan Xterra HSI Productions/Josh Taft Scout/Safety TV Commercial
Nissan Xterra Anderson Hopkins Scout/Manager Still Shoot
American Eagle 04 American Eagle Prod Scout/Manager/Safety Catalog Shoot
Carhartt 04 Lightchacers Scout/Manager
Magelite 04 Tugboat/Tamotsu Fujii Scout/Manager Still Shoot
Eddie Bauer 04 EB Productions Scout/Manager
Holland America Pictures in a Row/P. Lang Scout/Manager/Safety
Asahi Beer Cente Service Corp Scout/Manager/Safety
Honda ATV Fusion Films/p. Abrahms Scout/Manager/Safety
Sharp J Wave films Scout/Manger TV Commecial
Honda Eric Schmidt Scout/Manager
Chevy Trucks Pinhole/Rick Rusin Scout/Manager/Safety
Heller Ehrman Chris Wahlberg Studio Scout/Manager/Safety
Hyundai PD Haus Korea Scout
Lane Bryant Co Lighthouse Films NY Scout/Manager/Safety Fashion Catalog
Ameea MindspringUK Scout/Manager/Safety Fashion Catalog
Mountain Dew House of Usher Mgr/Scout/Safety TV Commecial
Sierra Mist Cola HSI Productions Location Scout
Senatorial Campaign Strategic Perceptions Locations Scout/Mgr. Political Commercial
Wear Guard  Wear Guard Scout/Talent Catalog Still Shoot
Lexus Douglas Byers/Stiefel & Co Scout / Safety Still shoot
Mactel Cellular M Dionne/Migratory Prod. Scout/ Rigger/ Talent
Quality Check Dairy Carmichael/ Celluloid Films Production Photographer
Arco Petroleum W.Holden/ Holden Prod. Rigger/ Talent/ Scout TV Commercial
Esso Petroleum W.Holden/ Digital Domain Production Assistant TV Commercial
Kelloggs Cornflakes M. Norman/One Such L.A. PV & Glacier safety TV Commercial
Regain Potency Drink Hirochi Naksi/Cherrier Cook Production Assistant TV Commecial
Chevrolet D.Higgins/D.H.Productions Production Assistant TV Commercial
U.S.Army Micheal Grasso/Omaha Prod. Production Assistant
Snowboarding Snowboarder Magazine Scout/ Safety Magazine Still shoot
Ford Trucks PGoldschmidt/OmahaPictures Talent & Safety
Mild Seven - Chris Noble/Skyland Planet Scout-Manager-Safety
Mild Seven Brentwood Productions  Scout & Safety TV Commecial



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Alaska Film Locations